Power Flower Postcard Collection from Pretty Tasty Gardens!

Introducing the Power Flower Postcard Collection from Pretty Tasty Gardens.

I must have million plant photos amassed for almost 15 years now. MOST were so bad, I got rid of them. I’m not a professional photographer. But I started to fiddle around more with a camera during my maternity leave. A few more photos went to the junk heap.  No regrets.

A lot of my photographing is driven by my passion for capturing great plant identification features – something I started obsessing over during my apprenticeship training days. And, to share awareness of uncommon, edible plant knowledge and encourage curiosity.  Enter the Power Flower Postcard Collection.

Pretty Tasty Gardens is my baby. During my humble beginnings as a new apprentice and plant virgin, my end game was to join the ever-growing Urban Agriculture movement.  A few distractions later (baby, a move, a teenager), I decided to create my postcards. Another project that was on the back burner. It keeps me tied to horticulture while I am at home with our toddler.  I am proud to announce they are now available both on my Etsy page, Pretty Tasty Gardens, and on this blog – Pretty Tasty Gardens Stationary.

The plants I share in this first collection, as well, future collections, are a tribute to my mother and her journey. My mother is 76 years old and the plants she tells me about and the memories attached to them are bittersweet. I think foraging is a source of shame for her, as an elder who survived war and famine as a child. I remember all the times she would remark about the passerby’s wondering at all the elders picking the dandelions in the back of the church and how she would remind me NEVER to tell anyone she forages because “people will look down at our family”.

Shame is the legacy of war, while the nutrient and vitamin-rich plants that are eaten during those times are resigned to be nothing more than a weed or an ornament in the garden. It’s strange that a plant can be such an outstanding vehicle that divides and defines class in modern life.

Back to postcards:

There are 12 distinct cards in the complete bouquet. Each have basic plant features included on the reverse writable side. These are 5″x7″, a bit more generous than the standard 4″x6.

I realize postcards are a bit like the grey zone of stationary. We’re not really sending letters anymore. BUT I DO..!! I like receiving letters with friends’ and family’s handwriting on it. It’s tangible evidence to me that I’m still conversing with a real human being. The Christmas cards are like icing on a cake. Everybody gets icing on a cake. But letters and postcards are like the boutique fillings that make the cake that extra decadent and indulgent-worthy. Writing letters and notes take time and thought. And I always love knowing I was worth that person’s time to think of me.

As a part of this new introduction, I am GIVING AWAY TWO complete sets of these postcards!! Like and follow and share this blog, follow my instagram and YouTube, an I will be doing a draw in two weeks. If you want to keep up with me and the details of the collection, follow my YouTube as I will be sharing a postcard almost every day and plant talk with you all before the draw! (I said every week on the video but I lied).

Homesteading-ish on YouTube

Check them out and start writing to your friends and fam again!

Psst: they fit into 5″x7″ picture frames!

Thanks for stopping by to read up on my world. Happy homesteading-ish!

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