Korean Fermented Pickles

Korean fermented pickles are to die for.  Flavourful, salty, versatile, and just plain delicious. I’ve made many, in my life, but this is probably the first time I’m making videos about it.  As of today, I am sick of talking about these damned pickles.  It worked. Had I not attempted throwing in a monkey wrench into the act (making videos), I would have been able to concentrate a bit better and half of them wouldn’t of failed.

Correction: I would have called mom (as usual) to help me fix it, AAAANNND half of them wouldn’t have failed. For the most part, pickling is an exciting activity – especially watching them ferment.

But first we wash, and taste. We taste for the hell of it, because it’s delicious.

Once they’re dry (and I do mean dry), stack them into 4L jars like you’re playing Tetris or Jenga. Once they’re filled to the mouth, they need to wedged in to prevent them from floating up as they absorb the salt from the brine. My mother used to use wooden chopsticks wedged over plastic container tops or if she could find one big and heavy enough, a smooth stone wrapped into a ziploc freezer bag, or a shot glass balanced over wedged chopsticks in the jar.

The full video can be seen on my youtube: https://youtu.be/fn5VPCM2_NA

Korean fermented pickles take 10 days to complete.  Like so:

If you’ve been following my instagram, congratulations! You watched them cure in real time and it was cool for 3 days, but really redundant until day 10.

It was a roaring success.  Except for jar #2.

As you can see from jar #2 on the left, there were substantially less cucumbers and it absorbed far more salt than it should have. 

I had to dilute the salt, and this is where I disappointed Korean grandmothers everywhere, just by forgetting what the hell I was doing.

Full fail video here: https://youtu.be/t94SMf6b4H0 Bonus fail rant link in description box.

I’m going to leave this here. Because – I want to forget I jacked up a recipe I’ve known since I was 6.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Homesteading-ish!

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