Distance Education


We moved out. We are now located in The prairies! Just went from a zone 5b to 4a/2b. This could get interesting in the most exciting way.

I’ve lived over 25 years in Toronto, I completed my training in Ontario based on Ontario climates and Ontario native/commercially grown plant lists. In other words, from a plant perspective, moving zones can feel like moving countries altogether!

My new home is substantially smaller. It’s like being in a city the size of Toronto, but with a downtown core reminiscent of Yorkville meets Liberty village atmosphere. ¬†There may be A substantial amount of community gardens in Toronto, but our new home as a municipality introduced a pilot program to create as many urban orchards along with their community gardens some years ago and they are flourishing!!!

w i n i n g!!

These urban orchards are being developed and maintained throughout the city in all four quadrants as an effort to encourage communities to grow together with very much success. I will post photos later as I make my rounds this summer. My instagram will have the most up to date pics regularly. (@homesteading_ish)

In the mean time my family has enjoyed our new home immensely. Check out my YouTube for the tour! Wish me luck in my new homestead, cuz I just might need it!

Homesteading-ish on YouTube!

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